Day 3 !

Skirt & Silk Shirt : Urban Outfitters



BĂ©atrice Valentine said...

Earlier this week R'rP performed successfully as the proposition was 5 days 5 shirts 5 skirt ... today she reiterates the experience as she shows her endlessly glowing legs in a low-cut "flowerish" skintight skirt and a "fleshy flesh" silky top ..
She tries to stay incognito and in one shot she hides in the middle of the green garden but
Paris might have been hit by the rain and the cold today but thats certainly would not stop me getting my legs out to follow up R'rP rules ..

Mela said...

Such a great outfit!!:)
Mela xx


Sofia said...

so cute this skirt

tessa said...

looove the skirt!


Anna Bonfiglio said...

Beautiful post and sweet blog!
If you love my blog we can follow eachother!

The yellow ball

To. said...

Nice Shoes !