Rebecca Minkoff

So, here is the thing ! I've been eying and wanting a Rebecca Minkoff bag but there's so many I like and they all are perfectly cutie cute perfect for me :)
( Ps : The prices are really good for such nice leather bags ! )

First one :

This one I only found it on ebay

Second one :

This one is cute in every single color but dark purple is really nice and rare :) I found it here

Third one :

This one is gold ! and with chains ! There is nothing else to say :) Here it is ...

Fourth one :

This one is a classic, goes really well with a pale & clear outfit :) You can find it here

Fifth one :

I didn't say anything about how many I was going to show you .... I could go on and on so I'll just make this one the last one :) 

Yayyy more purple... Love the zippers... Here it is !

Ok ! Ok ! One last one !

You can get it in red too ! Here it is in black.

And I'll let you know as soon as I decide which one is going to be mine :) !!!!!

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Anonymous said...

u should get a purple one and then maybe match them with some plum leather gloves..your style is awsome princesse