Union Square ...

Hey I'm back :) NYC is as perfect as usual but toooo hot !

Dress : Urban Outfitters


Jet Lag !

This morning I couldn't sleep... I tried to make the best out of it...
So ! Here are my new baby shorts !!!!!!

And here is a little glimpse of Brooklyn ...


13 hours in the air !

One outfit post from my departure day .... You can't tell from the pictures but I was awfully scared !
Planes + Lou = Not  Friends !
BUT I'll have to admit that it gets the job done ... from point A to point B and I'm still alive !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Flea Market ( Part 2 )

I'm back with some more Greek Flea Market :) :)

You are going to get a lot of those !
They just have one million shoe stores with the Leather Gladiator Sandals. They all are handmade in Greece :) You can find every color and every style for sure ! 

I'm actually truly madly deeply thinking of bying one of those :) Funny ! 

Color Blocking ! 

I bought like a hundred of those pendants to make really perfect necklaces.
It costs 2 to 5 euros and they are really nice & well done. They all represent some greek symbols.

More sandals ! 

The olive leaf is everywhere in Greece and that's great because it's so pretty :) 

To protect you against the evil eye. Everybody wears it on a bracelet or on a necklace 

Here is mine that I made last year :)

I'm telling you ! Walls of sandals...

The End

Next time there will be a big change of setting, be prepared :)


Yayyy !!! Greek Flea Market ( Part 1 )

Obviously after the post on my Greek Inspirations I had to do a post about Greek Flea Market !
So here it is :) !!!
It's going to be in 2 parts. The first one is on all the traditional products you can find. The second one will be on clothing & accessories.
The markets are in two neigborhoods : Plaka and Monastiraki.
Plaka is mostly touristy things : traditional greek shoes, white coton shirts with embroidery, spices & olives, mastiha & ouzo liquor...It's a wide, bright and cute street next to the Acropolis.
In Monastiraki you can find anything ( beads, army outfits, leather bags... ) and they're also an antiques corner.




The owner is ALWAYS on a chair outside talking, smoking and drinking coffee

Olives :)

Greek men always carry their worry-beads with them


Bouzouki & mandolines

This is Monastiraki's subway stop. It's right in between both markets.

One of the two soccer teams in Athens ( Soccer is very important for the Greeks !!!! )

From Monastiraki's antiques corner

From Plaka the streets that take you to the Acropolis

Still outside on their chairs but now it's time to switch to Ouzo :)

Around Plaka, the ancient Agora

The tchou tchou that's takes you around :) and up there the Acropolis

Abandoned house in Athens

These pictures also showed you a little of Athens.
Opinions about this city are very mixed. Everybody says its chaos and ruin but to me, it really has it's charms...
The crazy thing about Athens is that you can have the most beautiful houses, important archeological remains, well-protected areas and right in the middle of these you see 10 abandoned houses.  That's just how Athens is, full of contradictions... Once you know it, you like it :)