How to be a model !

One little post to give my personnal tips about running ... We all want the perfect body but we all hate exercising, there's always better things to do ( don't lie you know it's true ! )
Before going any further and having you thinking I have a secret, miracle, genius, brillant, secret ( I said that already ! ) and unique solution... I want to say now that yes ! exercising is the only solution ( with a healthy diet of course ) BUT (thanks god there's a but !) I have some tricks for you to make it more fun and less painfull.
I chose running because it's efficient, burns it all and makes a tight body.
Also, it's actually a very good way to let it all out ( anger, sadness, doubt or madness for some !)
So let's cut to the chase... First of all for those of you who never run, you have to start slowly but try and go often at first. Do 5 or 10 min the first day and gradually add 5min ... When you're up to 5 hours stop ! No just kidding :) stop way before that :) Gotcha !
Once you're more comfortable with running (meaning you don't feel like you're going to die or pass out every time you run ) you're good to go. My advice is never run less than 30 - 35 min  because that's when you start burning the fat. Don't kill yourself either, you don't have to go more than 2 or 3 times a week. It's really ok if you run slowly as long as you run.

Ok, now that the hard part is behind us you can find ways to entertain yourself while you run. My thing is to listen to my music, very energetic and dynamic music. Put it very loud, get into it, dance while you run too. Forget you are running, think that you're listening to the awesome playlist you just made :) Also what really helps me is to run outside, go to new neighborhoods, run in the street, check out new places and look around  time will pass so much faster !

I can swear on my Teddy Bear's head that from never exercising ( EVER ! ) I actually did and I still am ( ok ! sometimes ) If you already have the perfect body don't bother :) but if you want to tonify your body do it ! you don't have to do it forever , just until you feel good :)

So now I have to go, after this whole post I would be terrible if I didn't go run myself :) 

Just to be clear this is not a fashion post :) 


melody said...

This is it!
When i'm done with the pregnancy, i'll start running thanks to you :-)

Antoine said...

I will not run but I love your style....

Philippe Coup-Jambet said...

let's go ! congrats !

BĂ©atrice Valentine said...

okayyyyyyyyy!!!!!!!! don't like to run, feel alone.... i willl try
What are the best strides ro run up a hill ? long strides ? or short strides?
Also i would like to maintain my "sense of fashion" when i am running, especially in my area.. what are your advices?

LouBehr said...

you won't fell alone if you have your music & anyway it's really hard to run with someone because talking makes you very tired and out of breath. Running up a hill is really good for the cardio but it's harder, my advice is too run slowly but very long distance...
And what do you mean by "sense of fashion" don't you think my running shoes are just so adorable :) :) My advice would be to stick to one color and try and get the most discrete running shoes ( like white )