Jelly Jello !!!!!

Jelly shoes !!!! We like ???  We don't ???
To be honest I think we don't really know yet ... Even though we've all been wearing those shoes since we were tiny humans !

They are a classic but now they are seen as fashion shoes ! WHO would have expected that ???
I think I'm going toward WE LIKE :)
First of all the color has to be clear ! ( or black of course but no need to say it again ) That's the only one that is cool and interesting to me.
Also, I don't know if you remember but they are SO comfy, soft and nice. They blend with your feet in a very good way... They are also good in case of heat waves because the plastic stays cool.
I'll say let's go for Jelly Gladiators ! and Jelly Sandals ! Yayyyy I like that for sure !!!!! ( No I thought about it before doing this post ! I'm not convincing myself at the same time ! ) I'll also say avoid Jelly Ballerinas, I know ... I know .... We think they look cute ... but not really...
Let's start showing some little Jelly Shoes ( Just the name is already so attractively cute and funny ! You know already you want to eat your shoes !) 

Oops !!! Those are gummy bears !!! (mmm yummy ... ) Sorry ...

Hahaha !! I know it's hard to see, but that's the point ! it's the clear color !

A black version ( just because I had to ! )

Now my best advice is definitely go online and search Jelly Shoes because there's a million options !! Those two were just examples but they are definitely the ones I like :)

elly shoes&bubbleflop♡


Béatrice Valentine said...

very nice story on the jelly shoes,
coincidentally, not to deviate but oddely enough did you know that Posh was wearing these jelly shoes when she was dancing at the royal wedding, however she stepped on a jelly shot and one of her shoe slipped off and arrived on the "chocolate twirl rasberries icy glazed' truffle of the Queen's plate...
I heard it from a friend of a friend of a friend who knows a friend of Posh... so believe it!!!!!!!!

LouBehr said...

hahaha !!! That's a sign !!!!!