Flea Market ( Part 2 )

I'm back with some more Greek Flea Market :) :)

You are going to get a lot of those !
They just have one million shoe stores with the Leather Gladiator Sandals. They all are handmade in Greece :) You can find every color and every style for sure ! 

I'm actually truly madly deeply thinking of bying one of those :) Funny ! 

Color Blocking ! 

I bought like a hundred of those pendants to make really perfect necklaces.
It costs 2 to 5 euros and they are really nice & well done. They all represent some greek symbols.

More sandals ! 

The olive leaf is everywhere in Greece and that's great because it's so pretty :) 

To protect you against the evil eye. Everybody wears it on a bracelet or on a necklace 

Here is mine that I made last year :)

I'm telling you ! Walls of sandals...

The End

Next time there will be a big change of setting, be prepared :)

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Style Diary Of A Fashion Fanatic said...

Love those tall gladiator sandals!!!!
Great bracelet!!!