Everybody loves and wants these little destroyed shorts with studs. The old Levi's that just does it for the whole summer, whatever you wear, wherever you go.... I don't know if you noticed but this is the Coachella's most seen outfit !

The idea is to do it yourself because you can have it exactly like you want it and it's so simple.
Just take your boyfriend's old jeans and let's do this ! ( ps: don't ask him just take it ! )

1 - Our old pair of jeans

2 - Some killer tools ( as I like to call them ! )

Yes ! There is an exfoliating stone, a callus filer and a razor ! Don't be surprised that the most important one is actually the middle one ! It gets the job done. It will eat up your jeans and leave you with nice little holes and ripped like we like it :)

3 - Some cute fancy rocky glam cool little studs

Ok now that we've got it all, let's get to work !!!
Step 1 - It's easy just try on your jeans. Fold it in to mark how short you want it. Finally, CUT IT ( my favorite part ever, I love cutting clothes, the feeling is just so nice !  )

Step 2 - Now comes the hard part, meaning you are going to work out ( kind of ... ).
Put the shorts on something with a corner or an angle ( my best advice is an old book ) and start ripping out your short.
Use your killer tool number 2 ( the callus filer ) but don't pull too hard on your jeans because you are going to have huge holes. This tool works really good to just get the top layers out.
You can use your two other tools to make different effect. The razor is more like a cuting effect and the stone is more like slightly ripped effect.

Step 3 : Let's make it even cuter and add some cool study studs ! It's actually pretty easy. You first have to decide exactly where you want to put them.
My first choice is to put them under the front pockets and on the back pockets. Second choice is to make a parallel line on the side

Here is the result. The good thing is you can also use this technique on tees, denim shirts or your converse.

Et voila !!!!!!!

Tee : Urban Outfitters
Shirt : H&M
Short : Uniqlo

They all are customized and you can do it too now !!


melody said...

It looks great! I'm going to buy this callus filer RIGHT AWAY! hoping i'll get the same result.
And I love your outfit on your picture.

Anonymous said...

i looooooooooooooove your posts princesse

Antoine said...

Now I want to be a girl...

Anonymous said...

Tu es trop belle!!!!!

Philippe Coup-Jambet said...

trop bien la boutique de Lou

Béatrice Valentine said...

No doubt.....this princess rocks for sure.........
her own rainbow kingdom is a secret paradise where every girl dreams to fly in..... totally

Elisabeth said...

J'adore ce genre d'article!!! Btw je suis allée courir immédiatement après avoir lu ton post, très efficace :)! Je suis derrière mon ordi en attendant des nouveaux articles! bisouuus from paris

Your NY Wifie said...

Omg! Tres cute :) Definitely getting one of those callus filers too! Great technique to turn your old, niaise Levi's into hip one's!