Beach Break

So about Athens ... I know everybody can hear terrible things about Greece but the very good thing is that you are 30 minutes away from beautiful beaches, or you can take the ferry for a long hour and be on the island. This is amazing, one moment you are in the big city, the chaos of Athens, and then "BOOM" you are on isolated, wild and charming beaches. 
Being born and raised in Paris and then living in NYC I really appreciate what Greece has to offer. They still live the old fashion way, everything is authentic and rustic... There is literally fruit trees everywhere in the street ( orange, clementine, grapefruit, lemon...) and wild herbs (lavander, thyme, rosemary...) No need to do grocery anymore ! Life is also way more simple and the weather is always beautiful... 
So now have a frappé and enjoy the view !

" I'm lika bird I'll only fly away... " 

Top : Forever 21  
Short : Zara (DIY
Sunglasses : Rayban

Rafina's port ( now you are an hour from the island )

The ferry that takes you to paradise ( meaning the Greek islands )

Water clear blue... You can see the seashell through it !

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