Fashion Taboo

I don't know if you are like me but I usually can't do sneakers ! Just can't !
I know it's super comfy ( I mean I guess it must be ! ) but to me it just makes whatever outfit look too casual and sporty. It's lacking style and elegance.
I'm all about boots !  Low boots with studs, ankle boots ( I'm actually all about low boots ! ).
When the summer comes...."bing!" I switch straight to flat sandals ( again with studs, pearls and all those little cool things we like)
The good news is ( because there's a purpose behind this whole article ! )
I found a very good alternative to sneakers, the perfect cool and stylish sneakers.
They are from Ash ( Shoes = Italians of course ! They're just the best with shoes ! ) 
So I made a little selection of my three favorites ( in order of preference of course ! )

Definitely my favourite ones. You can find this model in a lot of colors (green, grey, white...) and in canvas but I think they have to be black and leather! It gives them a little extra thing that makes the difference between sneakers and shoes.

Those are very rock and relaxed. The bleached effect is definitely a must-have right now, plus some little studs on the side. The fabric is blue jean so it goes with everything and gives a perfect style to every cool outfit.

The last one, yes, black again ! but black is just the best ! :) They are in canvas with studs. They are easy to wear even though they have a lot of studs. It's black on black on black so at the end they are almost discrete ( in a world where you just want to rock it ! )

So that's it ! you can finally wear sneakers and have a great style ! I definitely will ! My little feet need a little comfort and softness from time to time so this is my chance ;)


Anonymous said...

J'adore ce blog ! de bonnes idées et de l'originalité sans oublier une blogeuse de rêve !

Anonymous said...

Nice shoes...