Flying Piggy !!!

I've always loved Flying Piggies !! I needed to do something about that ...
They are actually pretty rare on the market so I decided to draw the perfect & cute Flying Piggy.

Then I've cut one of my old t-shirt ( or boyfriend's !) and drew the F.P on it ! 
Guess what !? I love the result ! It was simple to make and it's exactly what I wanted...

No ! I'm not wearing leather pants just for the pictures ! It's suddenly very cold in Greece ( or it's just so cute with my new best friend :)  

Jacket : H&M
Pants : Berenice

Now I can carry my Flying piggy everywhere I go :)

1 comment:

BĂ©atrice Valentine said...

Thats funny...when i use to ask my brother for some money from time to time>>>He would answer '' ok! when pigs fly out of my ass''...

Peace out.